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Our purpose - political education

Since February 2006, the ver.di GewerkschaftsPolitische Bildung (ver.di GPB) is a non-profit organisation with limited liability. On February 10, 2006, the registered association was transformed into a non-profit organisation with limited liability.

History: In 1951, the association was founded as a vacation home administration of the Deutsche Angestellten Gewerkschaft (German Employee Union). In 1993, its name was changed to "DAG GewerkschaftsPolitische Bildung e.V. (DAG Trade Union and Political Education e.V.)" and established as a non-profit educational provider. In 2001, the association was incorporated into the Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft(ver.di). Ver.di is continuing the tradition of political educational support.

Non-profit status: ver.di GPB exclusively and directly fulfills the non-profit purpose of political education. The non-profit status is acknowledged. Donation receipts, as well as receipts for operating expenses, can be issued. For the non-profit status acknowledgement it is necessary that educational training measures are aimed at supporting the general public. Thus, they are available to everyone.

Funding: The political training measures of ver.di GPB are financed by the partial payment of the supervisory board compensations. All ver.di mandates in supervisory boards and similar participative functions are committed to this payment. On the basis of these payments, for example, nearly 1.8 million Euros were received by ver.di GPB for the fiscal year 2006. Primarily due to these payments, ver.di GPB arranged and financed nationwide political training measures in 2006. Without exception, the seminars take place in ver.di educational institutions.

Basis: The basis is formed by agreements of DGB and ver.di from Oct./Nov. 2005. The DGB federal executive board decided on October 11, 2005 that the Hans Böckler Foundation receives at least 80% of the compensation payments. A maximum of 20% is paid to equivalent, acknowledged institutions. These institutions are listed in the agreement for member trade unions. For ver.di this is "ver.di GewerkschaftsPolitische Bildung".
Consequently, the ver.di trade union council changed its guideline "Payment Commitment of Supervisory Board Members". This guideline committed all ver.di mandates in supervisory boards and similar committees to allocate 20% of the allotted compensation share to the non-profit educational institution ver.di GPB. Through this agreement ver.di aims to strengthen political education.

Organs of the Institution

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