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Political Education is essential

A democracy depends on the participation of all citizens. The German social philosopher Oskar Negt summed it up:
"Democracy is the only form of government which must be learned."
Education is a key to a living democracy. Those that understand the system, are able to argue and dispute properly, they can successfully participate in the political decisions making processes. But education is not only initial to developing life-long social participation and influence. Through education, people are supported in accomplishing their professional and private actions and tasks in an autonomous and goal-oriented fashion.

We offer the opportunity to explore new options. Ways to better represent interests, which individual approaches and society can effectively fashion together. Education lives and develops through dialog. Education originates from the individual, who wants to develop further. During the seminars, needs, interests and questions are brought into relation with the educational offers. In a joint process, contents are continuously synchronized. Simultaneously, this process is a model of constructive interaction with differences.

(1) "The objective of the institution is educational support, primarily political education, for adults and adolescents. Goal is to bring employees, especially the members of ver.di- Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft, into the position to represent their economic, ecological, social, occupational and cultural interests in order to participate in the protection, realization and development of a democratic and social public system."
(1) "The institution exclusively and directly fulfills the non-profit purpose, according to the article »Tax-advantaged Purposes« of the General Fiscal Law."

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