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Neoliberalism, globalization, deregulation and casualization question the basic principles of social cooperation. When solidarity is exchanged for social selection, political education is more important than ever. It is necessary for more people to articulate their interests and involve themselves in the political dialog. Which values will be lived with which focus in future society is a basic question. The fair allocation of chances is the central problem of equity. Under the premises of justice, equal chances and solidarity, political education is of central importance for the development of social and societal perspectives.

The program design of ver.di GPB's offers for political education orients itself along social realities, personal realities, as well as utopias and visions of a better world. Positions, such as a desire for action, competence, and democratic principles and values, have been thematized, in addition to experiences, hopes and emotions. For me it is important that a space exists, in which perspectives of joint action can be developed through social creativity. Because learning does not mean being merely instructed. Learning means discovering possibilities together!

Andreas Michelbrink
Andreas Michelbrink,
Executive secretary of ver.di GewerkschaftsPolitische Bildung gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH
(Non-profit organisation for trade union and political education)

Sabine Heins
ver.di GPB is the basis of a long-term labor- and social-political educational plan. Education is a key task - people with comprehensive political knowledge are the basis of a strong labor movement.

Sabine Heins Sabine Heins, former member oft he supervisory board ver.di GPB

Gerd Herzberg With ver.di GPB, ver.di can access a proven educational institution, which offers a comprehensive social political educational program, also for our members. The financial basis for realizing the educational program is secured by partial payment of the supervisory board compensations. For the performance of ver.di GPB, it is of crucial importance that all ver.di mandates honor this commitment.

Gerd Herzberg Gerd Herzberg, former vice-chairman of the supervisory board ver.di GPB

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